W E L C O M E   T O   P E C A N   V A L L E Y   R A N C H
Local. Artisanal. Taste​​​​full. No, "tastefull" is not misspelled. That's the reality of Pecan Valley Ranch meats. There are over 1,000 pecan trees on our property. (Well, we don't know if you can count them exactly, an educated guess puts the number between 1,000 and 1,100.) Most of them are not the pretty kind of pecans you can harvest and sell in a store. So we let our animals do the harvesting—especially the pigs. And they love it. Grass-fed their whole lives then pecan-finished makes for some of the most flavorfull pork you have ever tasted.

Our approach, in the era of the "factory farm." is not as unusual as you might think. Every day Americans are waking up to the benefits of eating locally produced meat and vegetables
from a farmer you can actually talk to who lives nearby—we're just west of Henryetta, BTW.
A farmer who doesn't wear a lab coat. 

We get it. Food scientists feel a certain pressure to "feed the whole world." But it turns out,
ranching methods like those practiced at Pecan Valley Ranch, are measurably
more productive, efficient, sustainable, healthier, nutritious, and way more humane
than "concentrated animal feeding operations" (CAFO). 

And we are very happy about that. But you know what? We're happy about this too:
It just tastes better!

So it's time to quit wasting your appetite on flavorless meats, chock full of antibiotics (and worse).
​It is time for Pecan Valley Ranch. Local. Artisanal. And especially Tastefull